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and a terrible crash coming to finish. >> reporter: sending his car spinning into the wall and another going airborne. parts of the 12 cars involved in the crash, slide through the fence, into the stands, hitting and injuring spectators. so far, 28 people have been injured. the drivers are all okay. now, take a look again. the driver out front is regan smith, he tries to prevent his opponent, the car directly behind him, from trying to break out in front. triggering the giant crash, sending the car of kyle larson into the air, ripping its engine off. this cell phone video shows shards of metal and parts of engines hurtling towards the screaming fans. >> i made the move. started the chain of events that caused that wreck. >> i hope everyone is in the stands is okay. >> they started wrecking in front of us. unfortunately at that point, it was too late. you're running so fast. >> reporter: it's a dark day for nascar when fans get injured.
5:31 pm
tomorrow is the big race, the daytona 500, many of those same drivers will be competing again in just a few hours. dan? >> back to this crash, it was one car triggered the whole thing. >> that's right. you can see the car out in front, tries to block his opponent immediately behind him from getting out in front of him. that sparked the big crash. you can see the car that goes airborne, driven by kyle larson, its engine got completely ripped off, that's part of went into the stands. you can see it burning there. it wedged itself in a hole in the fence. this is why we have some very serious injuries, we're told that six of these patients will be trauma patients. >> linzie, lot of people will want to know about danica patrick, the first woman to start in pole position. was she involved here? >> she was not involved. she actually had to bow out of the race earlier on because of some engine troubles. >> that will be a source of
5:32 pm
relief for many people. and now, we head overseas to a developing story out of rome. vatican taking aim at those unconfirmed reports that the pope is actually resigning before a scandal. abc's david wright is in vatican city for us tonight. >> reporter: good evening. tonight, the vatican used the strongest possible language to condemn the news coverage. saying it needs to defend the freedom of the college of cardinals to elect the next pope. the official communique from the holy see made the vatican press corps sound like people trying to rig a papal election. through the centuries, officials s say that the cardinals have faced many kinds of pressure to bend their decisions to a political end. >> today, there's an attempt to do this through public opinion. >> reporter: they have been railing for days about italian news reports claiming they know the contents of a classified
5:33 pm
internal investigation that the pope received in december. the italian reports without atr atribution, they say the real reason that benedict resigned was because the three investigating cardinals uncovered far more salacious comments. church officials steered the conversation away from the sexual abuse scandal. today in los angeles, cardinal roger mahony testified under oath about allegations that he actively concealed the crimes of pedophile priests. one was accused of molesting 26 boys in 1987, he fled to mexico after mahony's top aide warned him that police would investigate. the idea that cardinal mahony should help choose the next pope is an outrage say the people who were sexually abused by priests in los angeles. >> it's absolutely mind-boggling to me how this continues to go
5:34 pm
on and mahony should be jailed. >> reporter: but the vatican says that voting in the conclave is a sacred duty, despite any worldly scandals. >> i don't think many of the cardinals in rome are very concerned about mahony voting because they consider him a member of the fraternity. >> reporter: mahoney tweeted his excitement about heading to the vatican. he blogged this week about feeling like a scapegoat, as he put it, suffering painful and public humiliation just like jesus. david wright, abc news, rome. >> the pope's resignation coming up on thursday. now, we head to south africa and another unfolding story. olympic runner oscar pistorius out of jail tonight and the family of the woman he's accused of murdering, speaking out about their heartbreak tonight. abc's bazi kanani, in pretoria once again. >> reporter: oscar pistorius spent his first day out of jail
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at his uncle's three-story home in a quiet well-to-do suburb with strict bail conditions. no guns, no alcohol. no passports to leave the country. no returning to his home, which is now a crime scene, and twice a week appointments at a police station. fans cheered outside a courtroom friday, when south africa's most famous athlete was released on bail. after his arrest in the shooting death of his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp. as he stays inside his uncle's home, away from the media spotlight today, the victim's family is beginning to share more of their feelings. steenkamp's uncle expressed frustration with the celebrations after oscar pistorius' release. questioning why "everybody wants to jump up with joy." just today before south africa aired its first interview with steenkamp's parents, a glimpse of the family's anguish. reeva's mother, june, revealing in an interview, with a local newspaper, that the pistorius family sent flowers after reeva
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died. but what does it all mean, she asked. nothing. prosecutors said that the olympian allegedly shot four times through the bathroom. after an argument. pistorius said that he mistook her for an intruder. steenkamp's father said today, if the way he said it happened is true, i will be able to forgive him one day. but if it's not like that, he should suffer. he's the one who will have to live with his conscience. bazi kanani, abc news, pretoria, south africa. >> our thanks to bazi, on a major change of tone tonight. and now to iran, a country that made a bold announcement with nuclear talks, critical nuclear talks, just days away. iran said it found significant new deposits of raw uranium. with the usa team on the way to those negotiations the state
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department is saying they still believe there's still a diplomatic solution to be had. david muir is inside that secretive country at a crucial point in this nuclear impasse. david? >> reporter: dan, good evening. the iranians we talked with, said, they hoped for a break in the impasse. particularly, the young voices here. tonight, you'll hear from them and what they would say to president obama. the iranian government allowing us into tehran, just three days now until those crucial talks. as we explored the city all this week, we have been struck by the young voices here. walking past a school, we noticed that the students are speaking english. we entered the schoolyard where they take lessons, this mother told us, her son will need english when she grew up. but we wondered if she thinks it would be any different. do you hope for your son a better relationship between iran and america? she tells me "god willing, that will happen."
5:38 pm
as classes let out, the students swarm our cameras. they have never met a reporter from america. do you think iran and america will get along? >> maybe. >> maybe. >> maybe. >> reporter: do you hope for it? >> yes. >> yes. >> reporter: how would you describe america in one word? >> very good country. >> reporter: very good country? >> powerful. >> reporter: powerful. they are young, but this boy is not naive. he tells me that he's aware of the economic sanctions. led by the u.s. >> lots of people in iran are under pressure of -- >> reporter: you're feeling the economic pressure? >> yes. >> reporter: and it's not just the young boys here who shared their opinions, as we traveled through the city, to the markets, there was this mother who turned to her daughter to to speak about the sanctions. >> the pressure is on the people. >> reporter: the people of iran? the families of iran. >> yeah.
5:39 pm
>> reporter: when we heard "welcome to iran" too many times to count. we could hear the music through his headphones. this is enrique iglesias here in iran. which brings us back to that school that had so many questions for me. do i see "american idol"? have you seen american idol? >> yes. >> reporter: who's your favorite contestant on "american idol"? >> jennifer lopez. >> reporter: she's a judge. amidst the laughter, they know that our countries haven't gotten along. since before they were born. what would you say to president obama? >> be friendly with iran. >> reporter: and from the father waiting to pick up his son, a different view. all of these young boys want iran to be friends with america one day, does that surprise you? >> no, it doesn't. >> reporter: you don't? do you think it's a generational difference? >> yes, yes.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: which is likely why it was only the children who asked for pictures as we left. abc is blocked on the internet here. thank you, guys. thank you. have a good night. and we traveled the world, no surprise it's often the children with the most optimistic view. early next week, there will be six nations at one table and the children here that we met waiting to see if there will be any chance for a different future for them. >> david muir with more extraordinary reporting from inside iran tonight. david, thank you. now back home to that aftermath from the massive storm in the midwest. kansas is digging out tonight. too much for this roof in kansas city to handle. in gladstone, missouri, the roof of this dance school also fell in and now, as we say, more snow on the way. for that, we turn to abc meteorologist ginger zee. good evening to you. >> this storm is revving up.
5:41 pm
parts of colorado, just east of denver have blizzard warnings tonight. watch as this thing drops south and east. it will hit parts of northern texas. that little panhandle area. through oklahoma. the area hardest hit last week, parts of wichita, topeka, kansas city, could get up a foot again. lot of people talking about the storm on the east coast. i want to show you this, the storm is pretty benign. boston, about one inch and four to eight in portland. >> let me ask you about the forecast, on the other side of the country a very delicate issue the forecast for the red carpet on the oscars. >> right. aside for being breezy, other than that, morning, 50s and then about 71. >> light breeze. not a big problem for the gown. >> not at all. >> ginger zee, thank you. we'll see you in the morning. another major sports
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headline to talk about. late today, we witnessed the re-emergence of manti te'o, he held a packed news conference in the middle of a major nfl tryout event that are going on in indianapolis. he said that he's over the embarrassment and ready to play. he answered the question, does he have a real girlfriend now? here's abc's john schriffen. >> reporter: stepping back into the spotlight today at an nfl draft event, manti te'o was mobbed by hundreds of reporters. >> that's pretty crazy. i have been -- i have been in front of a few cameras. but, not as many as this. >> reporter: the former notre dame linebacker in indianapolis to showcase his athleticism in front of potential nfl employers, was instead forced to answer questions about a girlfriend that never existed. >> it was just a whirlwind of stuff. it was chaos for a little bit. you let the chaos die down. and wait until everyone is ready to listen. >> reporter: it was his first time facing the press since his first exclusive sit-down interview with katie couric last month. it was anything but intimate and organized. >> are you dating anybody right
5:43 pm
now? >> no, not right now. >> reporter: he does not have a girlfriend right now. as for his future, he says that there's been no indication that the hoax will hurt his prospect for drafting. many experts predict that he'll be picked in the first round. dan, that could mean millions of dollars. >> he'll be selected in the first round despite all of this. and coming up here on "world news" on this saturday night -- we all remember the amazing shots of that meteor in russia. on dash cams. but tonight, what else those dash cams are capturing. from car crashes to fighter jets to tumbling cows. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money?
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[ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. one week ago, we brought you that amazing video of that meteorite in russia. which you can see behind me tonight. the pictures are from a dash cam. nearly every car in russia has one of these things, and tonight, check out what else these cameras are capturing. here's abc's kirit radia. >> reporter: not every day that you catch a falling star, like this massive meteor streaking across the sky last week. these are the latest images from that near catastrophe. in russia, you would be surprised what you can catch on tape. crazy scenes on russia's reckless roads. recorded on dash cams that are exploding in popularity in russia. they're used for insurance reasons, but the madness they capture is going viral on youtube.
5:47 pm
the cringe-worthy crashes. the death-defying smashes and the truly bizarre. real-life road warriors, from helicopters. to tanks. from roadside fighting. to fighter jets. this camera even caught a plane crash. cameras aren't just creating youtube gold. they actually serve an important purpose, like trying to figure out who's at fault in an accident. the cameras also catch crooked cops and insurance scams. like this man who may have been trying to be hit by a car. we took one for a test drive with the editor-in-chief of a
5:48 pm
russian magazine. how do i explain these videos to americans? >> what you see is becoming more popular. >> reporter: he said that these dash cameras are shaming drivers into better behavior. buckle up and keep a sharp eye on the road. kirit radia, abc news, moscow. >> i will never drive in russia. coming up on "world news" -- a dog on ice. a good samaritan and a dangerous rescue attempt. will it work? hd 3. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is,
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time now for our "instant index" on a saturday night. starting with a pretty big number for a used car, $150,000. it's a volkswagen golf, formerly owned by a man named joseph ratzinger, now known as pope benedict xvi. it's now listed on ebay and online casino bought it first back in 2005. that's the ceo right there. they're hoping to get $150,000. the proceeds will go to charity, they say. also in the "index" tonight, take a look at this video, this 3-year-old nova scotia retriever, got stuck on the ice.
5:52 pm
on lake michigan. they sent in a chopper first, then a fire boat. finally, a man on a kayak swooped in, he dove into the frigid waters to get him. the dog actually tried to bite the guy. ultimately, they did get the dog off the lake and back with his owner. that's our "instant index" for tonight. coming up next -- we're calling her the footloose first lady, what michelle obama did that's going viral tonight. [ jackie ] it's just so frustrating... ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪ so today, i'm finally talking to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling? ask your doctor about prescription toviaz.
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[ woman ] learn from my story. michelle obama is extremely popular on the internet tonight, after a dance performance that is a long way from the formality and reserve of past first ladies. here's david kerley. >> reporter: the first lady has gone viral. mrs. obama joined a dressed-in-drag jimmy fallon for what he called the evolution of mom dancing. yes, go shopping, get groceries, raising the roof, even a bit of hip bumping. come comedy, but the first lady has a reason to bust a move.
5:56 pm
time has changed from the reserve shown by jackie o. first ladies have room to move. the first lady is dancing to promote her battle against childhood obesity, called let's move. >> things like go outside, throw a ball, doing a little dancing, you can really make some significant improvements with small changes. >> reporter: after dancing with the first lady, fallon, learned mrs. obama has a quick wit. >> i said it here first, dream team michelle and hillary '16. what do you think? >> you know, i have my eye actually on another job. and i hear that when jay leno retires -- >> reporter: but even fallon knows when to call it quits, as the first lady does the dougie. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> michelle obama is a far cry from sarah polk who was the first lady in 1940s. in 1840s banned all dancing at the white house. that's "world news" for this saturday. thank you for watching and good night.
5:57 pm
>> ama: mc hammer arrested in the east bay. why heland behind bars. >> another bay area gun buyback runs out of money before all the guns are turned in. the oscars countdown is on. we're less than 24 hours away from the big show. we'll have a live report from los angeles. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> ama: we begin with breaking news out of san francisco. crews just gained control over a fire in the crocker area. one person was seriously injured and rushed to the hospital. and we are taking a live look at
5:58 pm
the scene right now. it's on delong street and you can see firefighters have a ladder going up there but the fire for the most part is out. they're on scene making sure nothing else flares up. we'll bring you the latest at 11:00. >> i'm ama daetz. now to another developing story. there are new details in the death of aspiring oakland rapper kenny cherry, jr. police have found the black reason rover involved in the death and you now looking for the man thought to be responsible. two were killed when maserati crashed into a taxi and that burst into flames. the police found the range rover in an apartment complex in las vegas. >> to the peninsula, gun buyback was cut short of they ran out of money. we're live in palo alto with the details.
5:59 pm
reporter: police in this tri-city area are pleased and surprised after buying back some 355 weapons. this no questions asked gun buy back pram was due to a group. protect the children, that provide the money. police officers from east palo alto, palo alto, and menlo park, stacked weapons as fast as they were correct. the program was held in the east palo alto city hall parking lot. the police ahead $100 for a hand gun and up to $300 for assault weapon. andre collected it $1,400 for the guns he turn in. >> i had too many around the house, especially with a young skid a couple teenagers. reporter: university avenue was packed with people in cars who waited for more than an hour to turn in guns. from revolvers to high-powerrer rifles and assault weapons. the $52,000 was f

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